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My dear valued Business Clients,

Thank you ALL for your trust, for sharing, for inviting me in to your space, for being part of my life, and for your honest reviews.

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I would sincerely appreciate it!

Yours in health,

I have been blessed to have Olga and her healing and loving touch! She is truly amazing and knows exactly how to gently ease my very, very tense muscles. She is someone whose future looks so bright, sheíd better wear shaded!! I donít need to wish you luck, you got it and all I see is success for you, Olga! Thank you, I canít wait my next massage!!!

Sincerely, Sarah

Olga, - nice and clear energy. I like your hands. I feel you have a good instinct and intelligence in your body for healing. Trade it well. Thank you

Aloha, Jason

Olga is amazing. I have been looking for a massage therapist that I could go back to again and again and I have finally found one! She gives great massages, has reasonable rates and really truly has a healing touch! I felt like I was reborn afterward! It is really easy to make appointments on her site, her place has lots of free parking and she gives you a bottle of water after your massage. Wow! Highly recommended


Dear Olga, thanks for such a wonderful massage experience. You are very talented with a unique and exciting technique Ė never boring! I will have to come back, I am in the area.

Warm wishes, Ashley

Very intuitive outstanding body worker. I never have to tell her softer of harder. Olgaís energy never waived throughout the entire 90 minutes. Iíll be back very soon and my wife is already scheduled.


Olga relieved a terrible back pain Iíd had for four-six months in one massage! Splendid !!! I feel like I am walking on clouds now. As I leave, I miss her already.


Wow! Olga is the best Ė deep and gentle. She has an amazing intuition and a tremendous set of skills. I always feel so great after my massages with her - She defiantly who has the magic touch!


Please, you must get a massage from Olga! Itís powerful Ė my muscles responded like never before, and she is generous with her time .

Barbara Jauch

Olga has a wonderful hands and her heart comes through in her touch. She uses variety of technique, always knowing where to go with her intelligent hands. World-class massage and she is a divine!

Bonnie, Massage therapist for 25 years

Olga, thank you for the fantastic massage. You are truly gifted. If you need any handyman or mechanical work done, call Dave. Thanks again!

Olga -
You are a Miracle worker! Seriously! Thank you so much for your hard work. You truly have found your calling in life and thank you for sharing your talent. Your sweet, bright spirit radiates from you and make others feel great!
Love your laugh :-)


Dear Olga, you are truly an artist in your profession. Your Healing Touch is so correctly named. After just two sessions in your healing hands my sciatica pain vanished. Also your caring therapy has eased me through a very difficult time of my life

Thank you, Norm

Wow! Olga is very beautiful. Her hands and the way she makes me feel is out of this world and I feel like Iím in another world, that's how wonderful she is.

Your tall client

From Gary the Fireman ~

Hi Olga. Just wanted to tell you that your massage was amazing and ( I cant get it out of my mind ) Sounds like a song lol. So I must book again....I feel reborn and relaxed beyond expectations. A 5 ALARM awesome Deep tissue!

Olga has a unique style and talent that I have never experienced before and that I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to suspend reality for an hour and drift into nirvana.


I had to give Olga a standing ovation. It was like she could read me. This has been - by far the best massage I have ever had. I will be back soon. Olga is a true angel !


I have been to many highly recommended masseuses in the East Bay. Many were disappointing, some were very good. But after visiting over one hundred CMT's, my overwhelming choice for a top notch, magical, therapeutic massage, given by a woman who possesses a sensitive spiritual quality, Olga rates as NUMBER ONE in my book!

Her passions for her flower garden, her musical artistry and her dance experiences all come together with love while giving nurturing massages to her grateful clients. She seems to sense just where you might ache. She is magical, passionate and she touches your soul.


Most people regard oneís business name as representative of what they do. ďOlgaís Healing TouchĒ is as true as her intentions. Truth in her advertising is her mainstay. May she continue to follow the path as a true healer and make many customers happy.

Sincerely, Adam

Olga, you are an outstanding professional. I am following you wherever you go! Thank you for being here and taking such a wonderful care of my body.


I have had my share of massages around the world and by far Olgaís technique and personality been unmatched.


Your massages are simply the best. It must be a Russian secret.


It was soo good to see you again, Olga! You have created a beautiful space to share your healing energies with others.

Love and big hug, Ansara

Hello Olga, like your website, like your massages, like your office, like you a whole lot :))


There was a Shaman in the room, and it was not me . .

Olga, thank you. I had a soul reviving massage before surgery!


Dear Olga, you have a special feeling for sharing a compassionate touch. Your intuition and care are remarkable. Thank you

Best wishes, Jonathan

Olgaís healing touch is absolutely therapeutic through body, mind and soul. This is the best massage Iíve ever got; it helps energize the spirit in me.


I have had 20 years experience as a massage therapist. Olgaís work is excellent! She has caring, compassionate hands and she has an essential presence with her client. A great experience!

Julia M.

Olga saved my life! All pain is gone! She made me feel whole again. I do not remember the last time I felt so relaxed. Absolutely the most awesome hands!


How aptly named! Olga truly has the healing touch. One or one and one half hours of receiving her wonderful massage, and I feel instantly revitalized, more grounded, more relaxed. Olga has an ability to bring me back into my body, when my head is flying with thoughts. She is generous with her time, and refrains from rushing. She is highly skilled in her art, friendly, knowledgeable. Her services are offered at a great value, which is good news for the budget. Definitely a 5-star service! ~Peace and Blessings~


Olga, back in November I emailed with you and purchased a gift certificate for my mom. She just redeemed her gift. I wanted to let you know that she LOVED her massage and couldn't say enough good things about you and your spa. Thank you so much for your wonderful work - you really made my mom's day with a fantastic massage!!

Sincerely, Carolyn

For many years my problem with calf muscles was so bad, I almost gave up on getting relief, but Olga was persistent, keep working on them gently and patiently. Now I have no stress or pain at all. I can do my job and I am able to sleep all through the night without waking up from spasms and pain in my legs.

Sincerely, Tom

Simply put. Olga is a gifted massage therapist. I was experiencing bad neck and shoulder tightness, and Olga just set to work trying to ease my discomfort with a caring attitude, creative approach and considerable skills. I felt totally at ease and confident with her, and my neck and shoulders felt so much better afterward. She is a really sweet and fun person, too!


Olga is quite the awesome massage therapist. You can really tell that she loves her work, because she always puts 110% into it every time. Worth every penny.

John N.

Olga, thank you for the wonderful massage you gave me. Your touch and technique are all that I have to be comfortable in my body. I really canít say anymore. In a way I feel right now, for me, tells it all.


It was the most relaxing, fabulous massage Iíve ever had. I intend to return many, many more times. I feel so pampered!


This was my first massage. I never thought I could feel that good - from head to toe! Incredible! I will surely come back very soon. Thanks, Olga!


Olga, - The most spectacular experience Iíve had in a long-long time. Iím sure to be a long time client

Roxanne T.

Passion and Power the two words that describe a perfect Bodyí worker. Thank you


Olga is very talented, intuitive and generous. Wonderful bodywork, highly recommended.


Olga is awesome! She is very knowledgeable and skilled. My massage was amazing and surely in the top 3 of best massages Iíve ever had.

Laura Diaz, Massage Therapist

This was the most amazing massage Iíve ever had. Truly unbelievable! I will definitely be telling everyone I know about Olga.

Kim Shea

Olga is a beautiful spirit that shares her energy through her gift of touch. I feel rejuvenated after a visit with Olga and I only wish I could visit her more!


I have had many massages and I cannot remember any better than what I had today. Olga is wonderful. She is blessed with a magic touch. I am torn. I will be back many times to have this wonderful feeling.


I feel like I was taking back 20 years in my life. I will be gone for 3 weeks. The first person I will see when I come back - is Olga.

Jim E.

Excellent massage! Very nurturing and unrushed. Thank you.


I look forward to my massages from the time I leave to the time I come back.


A lifetime of repetitive stress in ice hockey and tennis led this 69 year old to look into healing modalities. I instinctively knew when I found "Olga's Healing Touch" I was home. The session was beyond words. Just do it!

Geo the CEO

Olga has forever ruined my chance as ever getting a massage from anyone else. Her massages are the best because they are strong and from the heart. Donít ever move or Iíll have to move too


Olga, - What a great massage! I especially enjoyed the multidimensional moves and the hot stones. Thank you !


Olga , you are the best Ė an incredible massage therapist and a wonderful person as well. I always feels so great after being with you Ė relaxed, renewed. I will miss you terribly and hope you can visit me some time in Florida. Good luck in all you do with your life.

Much love, Cindy

I have been going to Olga for years (before she moved to her current location) and all I can say is she is the best!


I had my first appointment last week with Olga. She is incredible. Absolutely the best massage I have ever received. My appt was at 7 pm and Olga had so much energy at that time of the day and even took a little time beforehand to chat. My endless search for a good massage therapist is over, thank you Olga


Olga is the best. She takes her time and make sure she treated the areas that hurt the most. The fragrant oils, hot stones and Olgaís touch is unbeatable


Olga is one of few, truly gifted people, that can heal your body, soul, and mind through her hands. Thank You, Olga. You, are a godsend!


I love Olga! She is a great massage therapist and targeted all the problem areas I had. Olga is also a pleasure to talk to! She has a great personality and personalizes your massage to your needs. I'm going back soon!


Olga, Thank you for an amazing, relaxing massage. You are a great massage therapist and your passion for your work really shows. Looking forward to my next session.


Olga, you have the hands of an angel. Your compassion and healing wisdom comes through with every touch. The atmosphere you create is heavenly. The warm stones and cloths, the oils, all are an extension of your warm caring and commitment. I am extremely grateful to my daughter in law for giving me the gift of you, and a wonderful massage. I cannot say enough to express how talented Olga is. I highly recommend her.

Olga is the best masseuse hands down!!! No pun intended. Really, my wife and I have been to countless massage therapists over our many years and Olga is in a class by herself. We always make a point to see her when we travel to Lake Tahoe. We've been clients of hers for many years and will continue to see her. She is usually the highlight of our trip. You rock Olga!!

Dave and Liz

In August of 2017 I had MTB shoulder injury. With Olga's help I was able to heal much faster. After every appointment I was able to move my shoulder a little bit more. 8 weeks of seeing her and I was back on my bike. She does a wonderful job.. I would try her out if you are looking for a awesome massage.


Olga is the best. She took her time and made sure she treated the areas that hurt the most. The fragrant oilís, hot stones and Olgaís touch is unbeatable.


In an industry full of counterfeits, Olga reminds us just how amazing massage can be. Her style is unique, containing flavors of various modalities creatively woven together. It's best summed up by her saying "Welcome to paradise". I hope this is the paradise I go to in the next life.