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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons to get a massage?


Here are some, but there could be more:

- Safe place to hide from your coworkersss, bosses and employees
- Get rid of annoying headache and finalllly sleep well
- Stop bugging your friends and relativeees asking to rub your neck and shoulders
- Avoid traffic and spend one hour in paaaradise instead
- Do you really need a reason..?

If you have a reason, please click here : Massage in Placerville

What are the prices?


'Slice of Heaven' - 1 hour massage session, $65- relaxing or energizing, your choice
'Beyond the Heaven' - 90 min massage session, $80 - healing, rejuvenative, amazing
'Tears of Joy' - 2 hours $200 - if you never, just never can get enough of strokes

For massage that is right for you, please click here : Massage in Placerville

How deep is Deep Tissue? Is it painful?


Extreme deep, deep, deep tissue is not my specialty. If you are looking for a "gorilla massage" and pain is your sister, please DO NOT schedule an appointment, you will be disappointed.

Are your massages sexual, sensual?


None of the above. It is Olgaís caring, loving touch and nothing else. Please, respect

With good intentions and need of healing, please click here : Massage in Placerville

What is the best way to make an appointment?


Please use my convenient on-line Appointment Manager. As soon as I see your request Iíll send you Conformation e-mail. I check my web every 2-3 hours on work days and once a day on weekends.

Please click here to schedule an appointment on-line: Massage in Placerville

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