Double Joy

Body Wisdom

From the day we are born and throughout all our life we need the warmth of human’s touch.

Touch is universal and undeniable because it is a body wisdom, inherited in human nature. No age, race or gender exist when we are willing to make one feel needed and emotionally secure.

We kiss a child’s sore finger "to making it better". We greet each other with a handshake. We give our friends a great big kiss and a hug to show our goodwill, kindness and appreciation.

Not intentionally, we create a small form of holistic care.

Lifes journey demands so much of you, but everything is possible if you have that special someone who holds you, loves you and stands by you

Time goes on, and then, in your wonderful Golden Age, when you are wise and gray and slightly falling apart, in the moment when your noisy, full of nuclear energy grandchild jumps on your lap and puts his arms around your neck, you feel . . oh, YES! Life is beautiful again !!

Let me tell you, my dear Client, life is also beautiful if you have your Therapeutic Massage Therapist :) Do not blame your coworkers or family members for not giving you enough of those wonderful rejuvenative touch. Lucky you, there are many competent massage therapists who will treat you with respect and care. We know your needs, we read books, we are trained and gifted, never judgmental and eager to help. That’s why we choose to be Therapeutic Massage Therapists.

What is in a word . .

“Vision and Mission” - a tiny business establishment as a massage studio doesn’t need those crispy words to promote a business, unless you need to impress the bankers to get a business loan with a friendly interest rate. I don’t really remember what I have in my business plan for this matter, however with time and practice the word Mission simply and naturally acquired a deep and powerful meaning for me.

I start my practice as a Massage Therapist in Children's Hospital many years ago in Russia. My clients ALL came from many walks of life. So did I. Indeed, I crossed half of the Earth to give you a massage, my fellow American

My youngest client was 2-weeks old new baby and the oldest 92-years young lady. I have clients who are coming to me in their happy days – birthdays and holidays, and I have clients who are coming to me in their bad days – struggling from pain or grieving from the lost of a loved one. I am in tune and very present for all of you – it is my Mission.

I am glad to see a busy mom, cheerful senior, or hard working construction guy peacefully taking a nap after the massage session. A relaxing smile, dropped jaw, healthy blush, radiant skin, warm and soft muscles – are the best rewards for my work.

I am proud to be one of the noteworthy places to visit for your friends, who are your vocation-visitors. You treat them right!

My Mission – is to be for people when they need my healing touch to stay cool, stay healthy, stay strong and stay in balance.

Actually, I am not going to work, I am coming here to accomplish my Mission