Body Wisdom

Hot Stone Massage & Aromatherapy

Welcome to the aroma world! Aromatherapy is a gentle but powerful healing art that uses pure essential oils that can positively affect our physical, emotional and mental health. Inhalations of specific blends assists disposal of waste products, increases blood flow, strengthens the immune system and stimulates natural healing process

Essential oils are completely safe, have no unwanted side effects and are non-addictive. They are gently in action and can safely be used by people of all ages. Essential oils are not taken internally. They are absorbed primarily by inhalation, massage and the aromatic bath

Double Joy

There is nothing like a massage to refresh your body and spirit. Now, imagine using essential oils to compliment the above effects. By combining the healing properties of Aromatherapy with the calming touch of massage, clients undergo a complete holistic experience

Massage & Aromatherapy & Hot Stones = Pure Bliss

This composition is for true gourmets. Hot/Cold Stone Massage combines massage with heated metamorphic stones and cool marble stones.


It incorporates all the usual benefits, yet cold stones bring an additional bonus by helping to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. It is a perfect treatment that is enjoyable and healing

I combine my massages with luxurious, relaxing Hot Stone massage and Aromatherapy. Gentle, fluid strokes of Swedish massage, combined with massaging with hot stones and aromatherapy provide deep healing and unique moment that enhances awareness and brings us to our true essence. It is really an amazing experience to offer !!

Manage your future

Do we need to have a good flair to survive in a modern society? Oh ya! Money market maze, business competition, finding a good partner for work, for living and so on. You definitely have to have a fantastic flair to be on a top of things. You are smart, strong and ready for battle . . but life is just crazy . . mortgages, your boss is a monster and your colleagues are all hungry sharks. At some point you run out of energy and have no enthusiasm left

Go get couple beers. See? Life is not that bad. Your wife is beautiful and you have wonderful, smart kids between two of you; your boss is a nice dude (generally) and if you happen to have a boyfriend – he is just a sweet darling. What’s up? Something changed? No, it’s just the beer and you are looking on the same things slightly different. What if too many problems? More beer?. . are you sure? (side effects are present and no need to be described). What to do? “Happy pills” . . maybe . .?

Let’s go back to Mother Nature. Like always she will forgive and help us.

So, you want to be on a top on things. Your sense of smell can greatly help you, even it is hard to believe. A particular odor or smell can help you to see some situations from a different perspective. This allows us the choice to change. With proper combining and continual use of the essential oil blends, we can make a permanent change of our personality and manage our future.