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Spirit to Spirit . . ....

I have always loved the feel of human contact and I am someone who believes that giving to another is a finest joy of life. I am grateful to have such an abundant opportunity to generate and create much personal healing of this planet..

Welcome, and thanks for being here! My name is Olga. I am a professional massage therapist certified by California Massage Therapy Council. Member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals since 2005.

In my practice I work on people recovering from injures, elderly, prenatal and just people who like receive regular massage.

If you are suffering from neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, sciatic discomfort please have my name and telephone number handy ? I am very capable to help you!

I enjoy working in my own practice. I provide peaceful and relaxing environment - wonderful Massage Studio at Cedar Ravine rd, Placerville, CA. It is very nice, warm and quiet in here. Discover the place!

My style is a nurturing, harmonious blend of classic Swedish massage, detailed muscles work, stretches and deep tissue techniques. I believe that Deep Tissue does not have to be painful to be effective. As a sculptor have to make the clay warm, I like to take my time and warm up muscles really good, so my elbow goes easily through all knots like knife through the butter, not damaging muscle tissue. I use only organic massage oils that are all natural so you can use them as a salad dressing!

I am always keeping my intention pure and full of unconditional love for the person on the table and put a lot of respect and care in to everything I do. I create a unique massage strategy for each client that addresses person's specific needs, hoping to see you happy, healthy and anxious to coming back.

placerville masage

Healing Touch - is a place where divine love and healing energy flowing from one human being to another.
If busy life has exhausted you - my studio is a right place to be. I have plenty of good energies to share. Together we will craft the session that suits your body and its' needs best. I will help you to relax so deeply that you let go of all your tension, worries, stress and experience an amazing rejuvenative recovery.

By nature, I am a positive, happy person. I am always ready and willing to share with you my love of life, my energy and life giving art of massage. No more doubt, you are most Welcome, just give me a call, my name is Olga and your well-being is my business!


I do massages only on Sundays, if this day is good for you, please call/text to schedule an appointment at (530) 748-6996

Massage Rates

1 hour massage session $60 90 min massage session $80

I accept payment: Check, Cash or PayPal